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Jennifer specialises in Career Coaching, working with people to help them identify and realise their career ambitions, and fulfil their potential.  Work is one of the most significant – and time-consuming – elements of many people’s lives. It is also the area of their life where people most often feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled. The average person will spend 40 to 50 years of their life at work, probably struggle on, without ever thinking about career coaching.That’s too much time to spend in the wrong job!

Read how others have benefited from working with Jennifer:


“I started working with Jennifer when I had some vague ideas and many apprehensions about what I could do to change my working life.  6 months on many things have changed for the better.  Leaving my old job is happening in a smooth, planned way.  Having completed Jennifer’s Career Coaching programme made me feel I could take the first steps and be so open to things passing nearby I may have ignored before but which now I am picking up and running with; I have recognised new opportunities that I did not notice before, and I have taken advantage of them in a new way.  She was constructive, imaginative and encouraging which inspired me to move on.”

Medical Professional Clinician / NHS


For more information about career coaching contact Jennifer today on 01638 751087 or email Jennifer here.

Whether you find there are too many confusing choices – or feel that you haven’t found your “niche”, coaching can help. Through career coaching, we can help you analyse your skills and strengths, focus on what really motivates you, and find the career direction that will suit you best.


Career coaching aims to help you take a journey from uncertainty about your present career, through to having a clear vision of a career that is absolutely right for you. Jennifer will also help you create a plan for you to create your career path.


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