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Furthermore, the management team and personnel become indecisive, micro-managers working long stressful hours wishing for better teams. Leadership & Management Development Matters – organisations with effective leaders perform better.


Magic key? There is none.  The change starts with you. Developing your leadership potential and capability will transform the performance of you, your team and your organisation.

Jennifer Baker as an expert career coach will help you finding the answers to the following questions:

  • What does it take to become an aspiring leader?

  • What can potential leaders do to improve their career prospects?

  • How can I increase productivity and profitability by building a more Collaborative Culture with my team?

  • How do you create a workplace culture that fosters collaboration?

Leadership and Development Facts

36% of an organisation’s performance can be attributed to collaboration(1). Collaboration significantly impacts profitability, profit growth and sales growth more than strategy and even market fluctuations.


9 out of 10 managers across the globe agree that better collaboration leads to higher productivity(2) and positions their organisation to better capitalise on new opportunities. Leadership is about developing the best practice of behaviours, communication, managing relationships, engaging your team; inspire and manage change, influencing people to achieve more than they thought possible.


The people who really make a difference in the workplace have high standards, have well developed interpersonal skills, are self-managing, are good problem-solvers, and are adaptable. This is often easier said than done.

Jennifer Baker Coach’s bespoke Leadership Development programmes will maximise your performance and that of your team.


Alternatively, you may like 1-1 Executive Coaching to develop your Leadership.


For more information on how we can help you, please call Jennifer Baker on 01638 751087 or email me here.

Leadership & Management Development

Leadership and Management Development has a direct result on the culture and the performance of your organisation. 

Your team’s performance is a direct reflection of your leadership and your leadership style is reflected in your team. It is well documented old style dictatorial leadership leads to a culture of low trust, low motivation and mediocre results.


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