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Dread going to work in the morning? Can’t see a future for yourself in your current career? Or just feeling stagnant?

Good news: it’s never too late for a career change. Many people fear they’re too far-gone to switch directions, but with the proper understanding and experienced coaching, achieving your dreams is entirely possible. Project Star is an online Career Coaching programme that provides a thorough and engaging basis from which to understand what you really want from your work life, and how to plan your journey in that right direction. With a programme that is entirely flexible around your current commitments, individual needs and aspirations, Project Star can help you realise your career goals now.

Project Star – How to Discover Your Perfect Career

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How to sign up?


Click here to get started straight away – this will take you to the dedicated platform CareerSuccessCoach to access this programme.

Project Star is a comprehensive and easy to follow online Career Coaching programme which will guide you from uncertainty about your current career, through to having a clear vision of a career that is absolutely right for you. Via a three-stage process consisting of various modules and engaging content, Project Star will help you discover more about your true personality, your key strengths, motivations helping you identify your perfect career.

The programme has been carefully tailored using research into best practice in career evaluation and transition as well as in-depth scientific research; all backed up by with the wealth of my experience as an executive and career coach.

What is Project Star?

Project Star is available through a dedicated platform with a secure personal login.


The programme is in three stages – EXPLORE, DREAM, and DISCOVER.


At an affordable investment each stage is made up of various modules, each including many engaging and exciting exercises, concluding with a clear action plan that will help you fulfil your potential and ambitions.

How Does it Work?


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